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Home Styles

When homeowner replace the siding or are building new, they often find inspiration within a certain house style. This includes but isn’t limited to Craftsman Style, Modern Farmhouse, Modern/ Contemporary look, and Colonial. While the colors of the siding can help nail the look, the basic design of your home will be what places your home in a “defined category”. With that said, let’s focus on what you have the power to change to get you closer to your favorite style.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style covers a wide array of sub styles. The term is used loosely but the following traits typically apply: tapered column, decorative gables, big overhangs, and details in the trim. If you want to make your home look more like a Craftsman home, give your columns a tapered look. Add decorative pieces like corbels, dentil, or brakes in along your trim work. Bring the attention to any gables you might have on your home through texture and color.

Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse focuses on function, simplicity, and bringing the outdoors inside. White and black is the classic color choice for the Modern Farmhouse look. Bring rustic elements out as much as possible with a metal roof or wood in the garage doors, porch columns, or gable accents. If you find yourself replacing your siding and want the Modern Farmhouse look, look at wider siding panels. Most vinyls are available in 8″ only in white; which does work nicely with the Modern Farmhouse look. If you decide to go with a hardboard siding the widths have a bigger range and are available in almost any color your heart desires. Have lots of windows, the bigger the better. If you can’t have a big, sprawling porch make it as welcoming as possible. Carriage style garage doors in a wood look are also characteristic of a Modern Farmhouse look.

Modern or Contemporary Look

These looks are more about smoothness and flatness. If you are remodeling your house that usually means you can’t re-do the slope of your roof to be completely flat. You can replace your siding with big 4×8 sheets of siding to achieve an industrial look. These are available in most colors in LP Smartside or James Hardie Fiber cement. Replacing your windows with grid-less windows. Replace your garage door with a smooth door and have your windows vertically stacked to one side. Many homeowner like to bring in a wood siding section to contrast the industrial sections on the home.


Colonial homes are symmetrical and focus the attention to the entrance of the home. If you are wanting your home to look Colonial inspired, consider adding crown molding to the outside of your home or above your windows. Add shutters, lots of shutters.

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