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Mid Week Check-in 5/18/2022

Roof Replacement with Landmark Pro Max Def pewter grey shingles

Roof Replacement with Landmark Pro Max Def pewter grey shingles


Bryant’s crew is getting close to wrapping up this new construction siding job. We should have finished photos this time next week.

Nathan’s crew is in the homestretch in finishing this LP SMartside siding replacement

Nathan’s crew has been removing cedar siding off this local hotel and installing LP Smartside in a custom color. They should be finished in around 1 week.

Joe’s crew has started a new siding replacement. All the old siding has been removed and the house wrap has been installed to keep the home dry from any leaks.

Mitchell has been hanging openers, weatherstripping, and new garage doors

Mitchell has been installing garage door openers (that connect to a mobile app) on new construction homes. Many times when he is installing garage doors the drywall has not been installed yet. He has to leave the openers off and return what that is completed.

Johnney has fixed up a lot of small storm damaged siding repairs

Johnney has been doing a lot of little siding repairs such as install missing fascia that was blown off, loose or cracked siding panels, and replacing garage door metal casings.

Brad’s crew has been working on repairing and replacing gutters, installing new construction gutters, and sealing up aggressive gutter leaks.

Dave installed a metal roof on a home. He’s has tackled lots of roofs leaks. This home in particular had a roof leak from flashing being installed incorrectly. Dave removed the old shingles, installed correct flashing, ice and water shield, new shingles, and a new pice of cedar trim. The same home was having leaking at the bottom of the valley. Dave removed shingles there, installed ice and water barrier, and new shingles to match.

Josh replaced some missing shingles and fixed a roof that had a whole from a tree falling through it

Josh was sent to fix a roof that was damaged from a tree falling through the roof. It took a while for the tree limb to be removed, which caused the wood to rot. He replaced the rotted wood, added ice and water barrier, synthetic felt, and new shingles.

Ricky has replaced 9 windows

Ricky replaced 9 windows on 2 seperate home. Some of the windows replaced are surrounded by brick, vinyl siding, and other aluminum siding.

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