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Mid Week Check-in 5/11/2022

Metal Roof leak repair in Bloomington IL

Metal Roof leak repair in Bloomington IL


In-between new construction gutter installs, Brad’s crew replaced rotted fascia boards, installed new fascia metal, and ran new seamless gutters and downspouts.

Johnney has been doing multiple wind damaged soffit, fascia, and siding repairs. We recently had some high winds from a tornado watch and many homes have small repairs from the wind damage.


Bryant’s crew has been working on this new custom build with deep granite grey siding, white trim, moire black roof. They have about 1 week left on this home!

Nathan and his crew have continued to work on replacing tear siding on a local hotel with LP Smartside.

Charles is siding a new build with silver grey siding and white trim. He’s making some great headway..

Joe and his crew are working on replacing 8 windows on this home. Many of the old windows had small leaks that wound up rotting the wood around the window opening. Joe replaces the rotted wood, tyveks and seals each window properly.

Mitchell has replaced 5 doors in 3 days! WOW! In-between door install has has slipped in a few siding repairs.


Josh has been helping other crews with larger projects for most of the week. He has performed some pipe boot installs, missing shingle repairs, and installed a chimney cap.

John J house wrapped a new construction home and stopped some metal roof leaks

John J has been waterproofing new construction homes and sealing up metal roof leaks this week.

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