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A Look Into Our Work Week

Mitchell and Bradley have been teaming up to knock out garage door installs

Mitchell usually works alone installing garage doors but this week he teamed up with Brad to install 2x the amount each day. In 3 days they installed 7 garage doors with chain drive openers on each one- WOW!

Nathan and his crew are almost done with residing this zero lot line home with dark blue siding and shakes.

Nathan and his crew have almost finished replacing the siding on this home. The natural slate dark blue siding and shakes give this home a stunning makeover. The crew made it work within the confines of the zero lot line property lines.

Ricky and his crew built a porch awning and installed the rubber flat roof and new soffit and fascia on it.

Ricky and his crew built a porch awning from scratch. They tied the flat rubber roof into the asphalt roof properly so no leaks will occur where the roof lines meet. They installed new porch soffit and fascia metal to match the existing soffit.

Charles installed a lot of soffit on porch ceilings and all around the overhangs on a rather large new construction home.

Charles, our lone wolf, has been busy installing soffit on porch ceilings and overhangs on a big new construction home.

Dave installed a metal roof and rubber roof on top of many pipe boot installs and shingle blow offs

Dave installed a metal roof on a new construction home and finished installing a rubber roof replacement. Mixed in with those bigger jobs, Dave installed pipe boots, installed blown off shingles and other storm damaged roof repairs.

Joe and His crew are wrapping up a siding replacement job.Down to the beautiful details.

Joe and his crew are wrapping up a siding replacement; stay tune for more before and after photos of this complete reside.

Between helping other crews accomplish their weekly goals, Bryant has been doing siding repairs and storm damaged fascia repairs.

Bryant has spent a lot of his time helping out other crews accomplish their goals and training a newer employee on siding. Between all of that, he still found time to slip in blown off fascia repairs and other smaller siding repairs.

John J has waterproofed many new homes.

John J has house wrapped 3 homes in 3 days.

Josh took care of many blown off shingles and added new venting into homes so snow would stop sucking into the attics.

Josh replaced many blown off shingles this week. He also reconfigured the venting on a few different rooflines; this consists of deleting and adding different forms of ventilation. The photos shown here- he has cut in a new ridge vent on this home.

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