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Tired of Mowing Around Downspouts?

I know it’s a small issue but taking the time to mow and trim around your fixed downspout extensions can take a lot of extra time. Some people remove their downspout extensions out of frustration but then excess water is closer to your foundation. Or what if your kid does his mowing chores for the first time of the season and just mows over the forgotten spout extensions.

Carlson Exteriors installs all gutters and downspouts with a hinge and two strips of velcro. These minor changes make a big difference.

Left: Downspout is fully extended for proper water flow Right: Downspout has been lifted up to allow for mowing

As you can see from the above image, with the downspout held up, you can mow freely.

Two strips of velcro hold up the extensions while you mow


Downspout Hinge Detail

These hinges come fitted for 2×3 spouts and 3×4 spouts and can be matched to whatever your downspout color is!

Now you can preserve your downspout extensions and keep your sanity while you mow.

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