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When Should You Get New Windows?

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Large window replacement in Commercial building in Bloomington il

Many people clean their windows pre-summer which doubles as a window inspection. Even if you don’t clean, you should inspect the condition of your windows and window frames. It can be tricky deciding if a repair or  a replacement is the way to go, so, when should you get new windows?

You should consider upgrading your windows if you have single pane windows, typically these windows are found in a pre-1970s house. Single pane windows get stuck easily when opening or closing, are cold to the touch, and often accumulate frost 0n the interior side of the pane- this raises the chances of the window breaking. Keep in mind that difficult to use windows pose a fire safety concern. Ultimately, single pane windows are not energy efficient or user friendly. If you replace the single pane with a dual pane window, a high-performance window, or even a laminated glass window your monthly energy bills should show immediate savings and any outside noise will be diminished.

Signs of a leaky window

A good rule of thumb is that outside weather conditions should not be present on the inside. Leaky windows can let water through your walls or even in-between your walls. This moisture will make your window and home prone to mold and rot. These same leaky windows will let air in as well creating higher energy bills during peak heating and cooling months.

Look for early signs of rotting wood


A deteriorating window frame is a sign you should replace your windows immediately. If you aren’t interested in all the maintenance that goes into keeping a wooden window frame in good shape, consider an aluminum casing, vinyl casing, or going with a synthetic composite material as your frame. Not having any exposed wood eliminates the resealing and repainting of your frames. It also ensures no rotting, flaking, or fading while not compromising the durability of your window. You can easily check your own windows for rotting by poking it with a screw driver to see if there is any give. You could also call a trusted home inspector, a window contractor, or window installer to check your windows for you.

A rotten window frame

Your windows need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Mismatched or old windows can bring down the value of your home. Just like everything else that goes into a home, an ugly or an outdated style of a window can be reason enough to install new windows. Replacing your windows does have it’s benefits: increased home value, energy savings, easy to clean/take care of, and, simply, everyone loves a beautiful window.

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